Keto Happiness Show 2 Rob Saunders is with Carrie Brown

Welcome to our humble Podcast with me Rob Saunders, a 51-year-old Welsh Keto student of life.

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The podcast is for educational purposes only. The ketogenic diet has many proven benefits, it’s still controversial. It works for me and maybe is not for everyone.. Discuss any changes in medication and relevant lifestyle changes with your doctor.

Carrie Brown: Is a {ex-professional} pastry-chef-turned-cookbook-author-recipe-developer-freelance-photographer with a crazy, 4-country, a 3-continent-spanning resume which includes such things as a chocolate TV show, a chocolate cookbook, and making pastries for the Queen of England.  She trained at the National Bakery School in London and has now turned her pastry chef talents to creating scrumptious KETO / LowCarb / LCHF food to help the world eat smarter, live better, and put the health back into healthy.

This episode Carrie discusses with Keto Happiness host about her trails & triumphs with bipolar disorder, and how through years of tests, discovered the LCFH way of eating, brought her off all her meds!

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