Keto Happiness Show 13 | James Lovett | CEO of Miynd talks mindfulness and happiness to Rob Saunders

This episode Rob Saunders of Keto Happiness interviews James Lovett of Miynd . James has helped people in the past, including Rob, get their “heads straight” using advanced life coaching techniques, visualization and hypnotherapy.  They talk happiness as well as Jame’s clean eating approach, including him dabbling in Keto!

Welcome to our humble Podcast Keto Happiness with me Rob Saunders, a 51-year-old Welsh Keto student of life.

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The podcast is for educational purposes only. The ketogenic diet has many proven benefits, it’s still controversial. It works for me and maybe is not for everyone.. Discuss any changes in medication and relevant lifestyle changes with your doctor.

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About James…

I am an Advanced Practitioner, have written four entire online programmes of Self-Development, and for those that suffer stressful lives I have developed a form of physical meditation.
I began using techniques to alter my mind from the age of 9, starting a life long passion for psychology and realising that the way you learn to think describes the blueprint for how you will live. Starting with the Military where I lead a platoon, through to becoming a Business Intelligence developer (for a blue chip company with clients including the BBC and Channel 4), I have travelled world-wide extensively. I have spent several years between America and the Mediterranean where I looked after high level executives and their families, acting as a Life Coach to many of them. Now my clients currently include executives and students, housewives and professionals, labourers and artists, and just about every walk of life imaginable (including other life coaches and therapists).
Whatever you need to change or achieve; whether that is coming to terms with something from the past, changing something in the present, or taking control of your future; if you adopt the right state of mind you will succeed in doing so. I am here to help get those results from you. You talk, I listen, then we create.
Once I understood how using the mind in the right way could achieve anything, I spent my younger life having adventures to prove it. Check out the Miynd Moments blog for some of the stories…
“When you get to the end of your life, you won’t base it on the things that happened to you along the way – you will base it on how you feel about the things that happened to you along the way. That is a big clue to the art of happiness and feeling content.”
James Lovett

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