Keto Happiness Show 19 | Jack Black | Returns |

This episode Rob Saunders of Keto Happiness, Jack Black of  returns to update us on his Keto journey, talking carnivore, fasting, social media and flatulence!!

Jack was our first ever guest on the show and was the inspiration for Rob to start the LCHF Keto journey.

Welcome to our humble Podcast Keto Happiness with me Rob Saunders, a 51-year-old Welsh Keto student of life.

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The podcast is for educational purposes only. The ketogenic diet has many proven benefits, it’s still controversial. It works for me and maybe is not for everyone.. Discuss any changes in medication and relevant lifestyle changes with your doctor.

If you fancy a quick guide to starting Keto – have a listen to our friends the 2 Keto Dudes

About Jack Black & Mindstore

MindStore is at its core a Personal Development and Performance Improvement Programme. The success and long-term effectiveness of the MindStore approach is reflected by over half a million global participants and the hundreds of companies and organisations large and small who have engaged us over the past 25 years. The MindStore System is entirely unique and having experience of it working across most if not all sectors and at all levels, in organisations we proudly recognise that if the methods didn’t work then we would have been found out long before now.

For quarter of a century MindStore has evolved in response to the unique requirements of our global clients. Its very nature provides bespoke adaptions that easily integrate into current initiatives, system and processes. Today MindStore provides Bespoke Corporate Programmes, Jack Black as a world-class Conference Speaker and truly exceptional Executive Coaching Experiences. In addition there is an annual schedule of Public Courses.

While Jack Black is recognised as a passionate charismatic and inspirational teacher his biggest asset is his commitment to providing tools and techniques that are easy to learn and apply day to day for improving performance in business and personal life.

MindStores unique and lasting quality was summed up by a recent client (A Billionaire and Industry Leader) who said “I did my first course with you 22 years ago and went on to do every other course you can think of but yours is the only one I still use every day. You gave me a bunch of tools and I know exactly where they are in my mind and how to use them. That’s why I have been such a success”


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  1. Wonderful stuff – great to hear Jack talk about his currents thoughts on keto. And Rob, thanks for helping share the keto message UK-side 🙌😁x

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